Dreams that guide us

Dreams that guide us

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The world of religion is mysterious and wonderful.
Mysterious, because it is only gradually revealed to us according to the level of purification achieved.
Wonderful, because what you discover with experience is much more extraordinary and benevolent
than anything you could imagine. We all share the same spirit, each of us is a small wave of
consciousness on the ocean of universal conscience.
We are all united by the heart, so we grow together.
Every personal progress is also a progress for all humanity.
Psychologists speak of a collective unconscious, Buddhist texts speak of Indra’s net that connects all
the beings who live in worlds parallel to our concrete world. The Universe is one, so we influence
each other directly by the spirit in the dream or by intuition.
The world of dreams
Current Science doesn’t explain everything. It designs the universe as an ocean of light traveling by
electromagnetic waves, rivers of light, but does not know what lives in different frequencies levels
because machines cannot record it.
Our sensitivity and intelligence exceed the performance of all machines, at least in this area.
Since men exist, shamans, clerics, men of exception have received messages from people living in
these worlds, either in a trance by taking drugs, or simply in a dream, to help them sometimes take
vital decisions for the future of their people.
Three thousand years before our era, we practiced the interpretation of dreams in Mesopotamia,
and in the Greece were 420 temples dedicated to the God of medicine, Asclepius, practiced a rite
supposed to bring healers dreams, while the patient slept on the ground, wrapped in bloody beast
In Egypt, the Pharaoh had specialists to help him interpret dreams and make decisions to lead the
state. One night, he dreamt about seven fat cows, then seven skinny cows, and it was interpreted as
seven years of abundant harvest followed by seven years of bad harvests. He then built the silos with
reason to keep the wheat.
Jews consider a dream that is not interpreted as a letter that is not read. And in Japan, a monk
always prayed next to the room where the emperor slept, probably to hunt down bad influences.
Dreams have always influenced men’s decisions often to good use, and a proverb says that it is
better to wait a little before answering, because “the night will brig the advice”.
Dream Physiology
Are dreams the expression of our subconscious? Or a message from elsewhere? Does it come from
someone else or a deity which would explain prophetic dreams? Or simply a biological release of
accumulated muscle tension? Man Dreams 20% of his sleeping time or 100 minutes a night, even if
he doesn’t remember. When he wakes up, he forgets 95% in less than eight minutes. It is for this
reason that, to remember his dreams, you should not move the body when you start waking up and
you will remember several times in a row the dreams before getting up and to write notes
immediately. When we practice meditation for a long time dreams change in nature and they no
longer express a release of psychological tension, but the work of consciousness that explores a new
world as the higher spiritual centers of the awakened body. During this long work you meet with
guides, “friends of the good”.

Awakened Dream

Men know a lot about things, but they don’t know each other, that is why they often make the same
Not all parents are perfect, they must have made mistakes in our education. It would therefore be
good to do a job on the self to continue to improve without waiting for these changes to be made on
their own.
All therapists in psychology will tell you, that it’s not easy to help someone who suffers, because he
talks about everything what hurts him. He’s repressed, because often he’s ashamed of what he did or
what happened to him. The awakened dream can help the patient bring out the cause of his
suffering. This is to stay lying and daydream on themes to see what comes out of the unconscious.
Symbols can be the exploration, from the bottom of the sea, of a castle, a volcano, in which you can
discover doors, call friends, meet characters representing our flaws to better know their motives, etc.
Everything is possible to imagine so we reconnect with parts of the subconscious that are often
repressed. It is harmonizing.
The awakened or night dream can help someone to transform into depth because the symbols that
appear during sleep are seemingly harmless and do not cause a blocking of the conscious part. If the
therapist repeats various mantras during the patient’s deep sleep, all the most repressed emotions
are released because there are no moral bans. I think that is what the priests were supposed to do in
Greece when the sick slept in the temples of Aesculapius I mentioned before.
When you make a dream awake in a group, people lie next to each other, thoughts sometimes mix,
which makes people not always recognize themselves in the symbols that appear to them during this
kind of passive meditation. Asleep or awake, we are constantly going through our thoughts.
This job must be done by someone responsible and respectful about the patient’s feelings.
Prayer and psychotherapy
When I pray for friends, old traumatic memories can go back and I see sometimes in their bodies
dark color areas or images. Repeating some mantras is a good way to get rid of it. If I focus on it by
mentally repeating the mantra of Fudo-Myoo, suddenly I see them burst into tears for no reason.
Kindly, I ask them what images have returned to the surface of their conscience, then I give an
explanation and another meaning to what happened to them so that the memory is accepted in a
positive way by their conscience.
If one repeats the mantra of Aizen Myoo, the erotic dreams are frequent and release their repressed
energy towards the heart or the top of the head. This can be very effective for people stuck with sex.
This patient situation has happened to me several times in prayer places like Lourdes, where I prayed
for the world. I’m calm, relaxed and suddenly, for no reason, I burst into tears. Couldn’t stop, and I
think I look ridiculous to cry like that, surrounded by lots of people. After five to ten minutes,
everything is better. A good friend who watched in this place saw in my heart a hidden suffering and
he treated me. I am gvery grateful.
Sometimes I hear a part of my subconscious cursing, saying unpleasant things or insults, because the
very pure energy that goes down during a ceremony, dissolves my little inner demon, who refuses to
die. We are angel and also demon. Finally the one who wins in us is the one we feed every day by our
actions, our feelings and our thoughts. We become the long-term what our mind focuses on. If we
constantly think of helping, to the beauty of the world, the notion of emptiness that frees us from
attachment to beings and things, we will approach the ideal of the Buddha.
We must respect the law of causality and have goodwill for all in all three worlds through our actions,
our words, and our thoughts.
If we grow this great ideal to humbly serve others we will be helped in our turn by very advanced
beings; the masters who are looking for the disciples to change the world. Temples and churches are
hospitals for soul diseases.

The search for truth

Kukai who prayed before the dai-Butsu of Nara, made the dream he had to go to the temple of
Kumédera, come true. There he found under a stupa the text of the Mahavairocana sutra. This
discovery took him later to China to deepen his understanding of Buddhism.
There he received the initiations of Master Keiko-Ajari, who told him, when he saw him for the first
time, he had waited for him for a long time. How is it possible to wait for a person whose existence is
not theoretically known?
We can think that Keika-ajari had already met and chose Kukai in a dream to let him find the text,
then he called him from China by stimulating his curiosity.
Masters have extraordinary knowledge and means of communication because they have developed
light bodies to instantly remotely feel what is happening in the hearts of others. They can also move
and take all the forms they want to better understand their lessons. My master Aoki Yuko was feared
by his disciples monks for his vision. He revealed their faults by asking them to change. One day, I fell
asleep on the Shinkansen train, my head on my wife’s shoulder. The next day I returned to the
temple and he told me that we had to stay on the train.
Matsumoto Jitsudo was also extraordinary to predict the future and give advice on what to do in ten

How I met my master Aoki Yuko

I was finishing my medical studies and I was interested in understanding the human mind. I had
found in Quartier Latin a translation into French of the Mahavairocana sutra, made by a learned
monk Tajima Ryujun who had stayed in Paris before the war. I also found a book by professor Tucci
who explained by giving the mantras, the Kongokai Mandala. I decided to experience the
effectiveness of this practice and I spent a whole night repeating them in front of an improvised
mandala. It was nice to do that weird thing, but no more. Two months later, I was dreaming one
afternoon, between two moments to study my medicine classes, that I was in a house on stilts with
water around. There were several European men standing and before us an old Vietnamese who was
surrounded by people with dresses of all colors. Suddenly, they disappeared down, and then they
came back, and that was a few times. Then the old man, we looked at one by one, he stretched his
finger to me and made me a little excited by saying, “it’s him”.
My sleep around five o’clock in the afternoon had lasted five minutes, and I was wondering what that
meant. Six months later, I met my Japanese wife who had just moved to my house. A few months
later, she taught me that a great master of the Shingon was coming to Paris to do a ceremony She
could do the interpreter, great! I met him at the Pierre Cardin space in the Champs Elysées and then
followed him to Belgium where he taught me some mantras. Then I found time to burn for him on
copper both mandalas and send these to his temple near Tokyo. Another year, to get my doctor
degree, I went to Japan to meet him with the intention of becoming a Buddhist Monk. Once I arrived
there, I recognized the places I had seen in my dream, the temple was not on water, but surrounded
by white gravel with waves like water and the old gentleman was a Japanese not a Vietnamese. The
dresses were the clothes of the monks, during a ceremony. I also understood why, when I was a six
year old kid, I was playing with my fingers and I heard a little voice say, “later, you’ll understand what
that means”. I returned to Japan to reconnect with the tradition of Shingon.
How does prayer work in the world?
From a scientific point of view, it is surprising and exciting that the human body can act by thinking
about atoms and allow for example to be able to walk on fire, to do miracles, to foster meetings and
also to improve our psyche.
Our knowledge of man is still superficial.
To understand how all this works, you have to know the three worlds of Buddhism. They’re like light
at different levels of energy.

1)The concrete world, the earth: (Nirmanakaya) where the Buddha Shakyamuni appeared to teach
men the rules of monastic life.

2)The world of fluid energy: (Sambogakaya), also called the world of retribution, because after death,
humans will mature their accumulated experience of their past life. They end up according to their
karma in different levels, more or less subtle, where the landscapes and forms that appear, are very
varied, like mirages built by thoughts. Statues of Buddhas that are sometimes represented with very
long and flexible arms, symbolizing that all forms are fluid. This makes it very easy to get around this
world of light and go to the end of the earth quickly to visit friends and work with them.

3)The world of emptiness: (Dharmakaya) there is no form, nor any concrete benchmarks for spatial
orientation. This is the world where consciousness can be compared to an empty light bubble on
which multiple images reflect. A Buddhist text says “in a thought, three thousand worlds”
If the consciousness does not identify itself with a human physical body, which is like a hard shell, it
becomes very sensitive and feels everything that happens remotely, without limitations. It is possible
to live in another dimension, to feel the life of a mountain, a forest, a river. This spiritual path is that
of Shamans, of Priests who live very close to the forces of nature. In Shingon Buddhism, Dainichi
Nyorai is not an abstract principle, it is the life force of nature.
In General, those who look after us have not reached enlightenment.
They are our ancestors, our parents and deceased friends, they live in one of the second world
paradise where they have received a pleasant place.
The great masters who have reached the knowledge of Dharma Kaya, the conscience without form,
possess powers that give them the omniscience.
We do not move in the same way in water, which changes its appearance and characteristic, when it
is ice, a liquid or a vapor.
The masters live in the empty space, the seconds in an ocean with moving forms and we, ordinary
living, we are on the bank on the solid ground. In the state of watching, we do not see them, while
they see us very well and sometimes they accompany us in life to guide us by giving us good hunches.
In a state of dream, we can hear them, see them, talk to them and take advice from them since they
can easily get information.

That is why, in Japanese tradition, the ancestors are revered every morning by praying in front of a
cabinet in the house (Butsu-Dan) where there are funeral plates with their names.
So they have a foot in the world of the living to visit us when they want to, and they hunt the bad
mental influences of the house. Giving them offerings is beneficial, giving them the strength to
humanism their body of light to come easier to help us in the concrete world.
Good friends in the concrete world
A great brotherhood of religion is watching over the evolution of the world In Buddhism. It is called
Sangha. Among Christians it is the community of saints. This celestial hierarchy supports the
dedication on earth of men of Goodwill. To better receive the protection of these beneficial forces,
our heart must be open, in harmony with life and respectful for the lives of others.
A nurse friend told me the story of a mysterious help he obtained at the hospital through prayer. One
day, he had to take care of a very agitated patient so he couldn’t give him an injection of a sedative.
Desperate and not knowing what to do, he began to pray by asking for help. Suddenly, he felt
something very sweet come down in him that soothed his fears and his sadness. He went to see the
patient who had also become calm and serene, and then he could give him the necessary care.
In Hospitals and in places where we suffer, there are friends in the invisible world who are there to
help the sick and caregivers. All you have to do is have a little faith and call them to get there. It may
be thought that they are former doctors or deceased caregivers who continue to come out of
compassion to work in hospitals from the afterlife.
It may also be that his prayer touched the spirit of a religious living, away from the hospital,
somewhere in a monastery. He feels a remote call, so immediately he prays to help, not knowing
who or why he does it. He is like Kannon Sama listening to men’s prayers to save them. A The
German film “The Wings of Desire” tells the story of an angel who watches with other angels like him
so that men express the best in them. They inspire writers and poets so that their writings can touch
the hearts of men and prevent them.
The nuns of monasteries and convents get up early every day to extinguish hatred and individual or
collective conflicts, without having to go to battle fields. They do not adhere to any political slogan
that puts men against each other. In their priesthood in this world, they give soothing advice.
They are the “Salt of the Earth”, because without them, everything would go to chaos.
The Pilgrimage of the 88 temples on foot around shikoku island of about 1200 km (1400 km if you
make temples outside the circuit) is a preparation for death. The Pilgrims are dressed in white, and it
is in this dress, that they will be cremated. Everyone feels the loving presence of Kobo Daishi, who
accompanies the pilgrims. Over the miles travelled, the heart becomes more and more serene and
extraordinary meetings take place.
I think there must be the spirit of the religious people who have died in the invisible world at every
temple of pilgrimage. They pray for pilgrims who pass and purify them from their passions. I knew an
old lady who had suddenly healed cancer during her journey. She fell down on the ground and we
thought she was going to die, but the next day it was better and she kept walking. The days later, it
was getting better and better. I made this pilgrimage in two months. Following a dream, which I had
done between two temples, I went back one morning on my steps while walking for several miles in
the rain. You really had to have faith. I did not regret it, for I met one of the great masters of koyasan
who also felt that he had to come out of his house that day to pray to the temple.

Protecting intuitions

When I lived in Paris, I had amazing intuitions to find myself at the right time in the right place and
avoid accidents to people. As I prayed a lot, I think I had close to me a friend in the invisible who felt
the suffering or despair of others and sometimes advised me to go somewhere to intervene. For
example, I was praying in a church and suddenly I had my little inner voice saying “go to this place”
and sometimes it was far and I wasn’t happy. When I arrived there, I found either someone who
wanted to make big nonsense, or a large piece of wood suspended at the top of a building that could
fall from several floors on the crowd in the street or a big board with full of nails on a sidewalk.
Sometimes you had to insist a lot and move yourself to the police station so that firemen would
come and avoid a serious accident. People do not always feel responsible if their civil liability is not
directly committed.
They do not feel as supportive as if we did not all belong to the same family.
Sometimes my subconscious received a message that was difficult to understand, because my good
friend, who helps me in this kind of circumstance, has humorous. He told me, for example, that I was
going to meet a princess. Interested I opened my eyes, but the famous princess turned out to be a
clocharde or a girl sick with AIDS who was begging on the subway. Every time, I was doing my best to
buy the medication, so that these poor people could heal.
When I was an about ten years old kid at St. Cross, we were walking in a park where they had big
trees. Suddenly, the priest who accompanied us told us not to move forward. Two or three seconds
later, a tree just went down to where we should have been. He had guessed that something was
going to happen while there was nothing to suggest. Dreams can prevent an accident or incident,
sometimes a week before. We have to look in his environment, if there are not broken or dirty
things, which could exert a negative influence. Clean and pray, make offerings, to protect you.
Help by Kangi-ten
The Founding Master of Hozanji, Tankai, often received Kangi-ten’s dream advice, which was also full
of humor. One day he heard that he had to go digging under the tracks of a horse’s hooves to find
fortune and build a temple. He did this, without finding a treasure, but he actually met the owner of
the horse who helped him. Another day, he heard that demons would come to the temple
tomorrow. In fact, they were pretty beautiful women from the imperial court.
I noticed that the advice in dreams is never accurate, it indicates something to do that will make us
discover something else. I believe this is a test or protection so that the thought received can only be
understood by itself.
The Kangi-ten of Hozanji is truly extraordinary to promote useful meetings. He has often helped me
build the temple and get money for his construction or the objects necessary for practice.
One day, he made me meet a Tendai monk, who carved a statue of Kangi-Ten. We befriended and he
gave it to me. So thanks to his kindness, I was able to practice the ritual of oil at night. Almost all the
temple of Komyo-in was built like this, thanks to unexpected aid or encounters either in France or in
Japan. At first, I was only thinking of helping someone who had problems, then the situation turned
around and that person was helping me in a field where I had no skills.
The way of the Yoga of Dreams
A Buddha, a being fully awake, is someone who lives consciously and with talent in all three worlds.
The most difficult world to achieve is the world of emptiness, because we are deeply attached to this
world of forms for practical and emotional reasons. You must feel reassured about the possibility of

being loved to feel the existence. Sometimes people who lose those, who they love, have no longer a
reason to live. This is an uncontrollable, quasi-visceral reaction to an infant personality who is
dependent on the love he or she receives from someone else. We like to have a reference frame, but
these limits suffocate us. This is how life after life is maintained. It is a shame, because spiritual
awakening is beyond what is ephemeral.
In esotericism, the yoga of initiatory dreams explains how to reach the higher worlds by dancing and
flying in space, entwined with a good friend already well enough advanced in the way to serve as a
The contact of both hearts makes it possible to open up the latent potential of both. They exchange
in the void their qualities, their skills in the way of loving life and the world. Each brings to the other
what he could not awaken in himself. The notion of love, individuality and the preferential
relationship with someone, is thus strongly questioned.
Especially in dreams, you can make any shape created according to your imagination, and then put it
on like a dress or suit.
This makes it possible to learn to identify the shape of his own body and to detach from that of
others. It is like in a masked ball. Beyond a threshold, there is no sexual difference, we are
androgynous, no stable entity, or no closed space with fixed contours or time. We understand then
that everything is an illusion. When we no longer react to beauty or ugliness, it is easier to control its
emotions and keep its heart peaceful, to remain continually worthy, stable and benevolent to all
beings, whatever their appearances and their problems.
The work of religion is to detach from a love limited to someone, family or group in this provisional
world, to reach an eternal love that encompasses the whole world. So we find the sense of unity.
Find the sense of unity with Kangi-Ten
Kangi-ten meets in a couple with the Indian God Vinayaka, so that their qualities of sweetness and
strength complement. The Secret Deity Kangi-ten with these two bodies symbolizes this universal
love that brings together all souls beyond appearances.
The repetition of his mantra during the ritual, creates the inner opening that enables you to be
received in his heart, the heart of a mystical friend.
He can be alive or dead, known or unknown by us in this concrete world. It can come from a distant
country without difficulty because light bodies circulate at the speed of light. Friends who come to
Komyo-in say they feel here, the same energy in temples in Japan, that means we often receive
visitors in the invisible, sometimes they come in group.
During the ritual, the Buddhas are asked to descend on the altar, accept offerings by compassion and
grant all wishes. The altar of the temple in which we practice, is our own heart that is like a great
So that’s where the spirit of this good friend of passage takes shape
of a Buddha. If our heart is peaceful and serene, then it can receive its spiritual influence. This is how
the Buddha’s grace is expressed in our lives, which allows us to progress rapidly
My master Aoki Sensei said, “it is not you who do a asceticism, it is the Buddha who comes to help
There are three levels of understanding of the track. First we want to reach the emptiness, then we
want to develop universal love, but the most important thing is to have the humility to recognize that
despite all our efforts, our progress does not come from us, but graces received. The Christian
Ascetics said, “do not trust your works, cultivate humility otherwise you fail”. Aoki Sensei constantly
thanked the Buddhas and even the objects he used, thinking certainly to all who worked to make
To cultivate feelings of trust and recognition vis-à-vis his master and the lineage of religious and
friends of goods, allows to receive their influence constantly.
For this reason, the master’s worship is so developed in India and Asia. This ancient tradition of
respect also existed in Greece in medicine.
At the end of their studies, young doctors pronounce the Hippocratic Oath:
“I will put my medical doctor in the same rank as those who gave me the day, I will share my
knowledge with him and if necessary I will provide for his needs […]. I will spend my life and exercise
my art in innocence and purity.”
It is with this ideal that one becomes a friend of good, who will look after humanity. This makes it
possible to help, advise in dreams or by intuitions for all who need it.
We need each other to make progress. It is for this reason that it is important to pray together in a
temple so that everyone can bring what is better in him, to others by his radiation.
Warning dreams
In 1990 appeared the film “Dreams” of filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, who reported several dreams he
would have had. The part at the end, called “Mount Fuji Red”, says that a series of nuclear reactors
explode in Japan, several times, leading to strong radio activity and that it is not possible to escape. A
woman seeks to save her baby, but in vain because Japan is an island. I remember that I was
surprised at that, because the uranium from a plant is not a material that could explode like a
plutonium bomb. I did not know then, that the highly heated water molecule can separate again in
hydrogen and oxygen, and therefore make an explosive gas mixture. Who had considered this
possibility before the Fukushima accident? No one, not even after Chernobyl. I found the movie
beautiful, but a little simple. In 2011, twentyone year after the film was released, the Fukushima
accident showed that this dream was predicted. Now, I think the filmmaker had produced his film to
warn his country that something serious was going to happen. Perhaps he was inspired by a great
soul, a friend of good, who saw the future of the country?
The next dream is called “Moaning Demons” tells that apparently there was a war and probably a
nuclear bombardment and that Japan is disorganized. There is a great famine all over the country
and people are so hungry that they are forced to eat eachother to survive, which is why Mr.
Kurosawa calls them wailing demons.
Do we have to worry about the future of the world? In the event of a global conflict, is famine
I believe that those who run the world should think about the consequences for their country in the
event of a nuclear conflict. Currently everything works with electronics that is very fragile like the
electrical network. In case of a bombing, nothing would work, no machine, or even transport.
Technicians don’t know how to fix machines, they only change parts. And as the economy is
globalized, things would not arrive, Repairs would be very long. How would agricultural machinery
work? Our leaders should consider the Pharaoh at the beginning of the text to make food reserves
for seven years of lean cow. Currently, world food reserves are only three months. With what, Japan
could buy food from the rest of the world if its economy stops and its currency collapses?
It is now that we have to think about it and ask the Buddhas that our leaders make good decisions for
our common future.


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